For some time now, there has been free blackjack bets on offer in various (casino sites) ( ). Most of these bets are specially tailored for new gamers to practice with before investing real money.

The Game Rules

During the game round, players get free bets on some specific doubles and splits. The free bet blackjack rule is applicable when a dealer busts with a 22, pushing all winning player hands instead of paying them.

The dealer bust rule change makes it if the casino affords to pay for the free bets. As a matter of fact, there is no way a business will offer free things without knowing how to compensate them.

  • There is a free split bet on split pairs
  • There is free double down if first two cards equal 9 or 10.
  • All winning player hands are pushed when dealer busts 22

The Player numbers

It is quite important to note that the free blackjack rules are noticeably different from the regular live dealer blackjack. However, in both games, the blackjack basic strategy is applicable for an optimum winning chance.

Unlike the live dealer blackjack which is limited to only seven seats, the free blackjack can be played by an unlimited number of players. Here each player can play the hand however they like.

How to play

Playing the free blackjack is an easy and awesome affair. The game starts with the player placing a bet on the table. Alongside the main hand, there are other several optional sides that can be played.

When the betting window is closed, the dealer signals that there are no more bets. It then deals the first two cards to the player and dealer sides; the player’s cards face-up and the dealer’s face-down.

  • Double
  • Stand
  • Hit

Free Blackjack Side bets

Alongside the main hand, 4 side bets can be played. They are worth the risk as they add spice and glamour to the game. There a dozen outcomes of these side bets and each is worth the risking.

If the initial two cards of the player pair, the game pays out. The rates depend on whether it’s a suited or a mixed pair. A bust pays out on the cards the dealer has at that time.

  • The bust depends on the number of cards the dealer has at the time of the bust.

About the game strategy

The question of whether there is really a strategy to playing the free blackjack has been asked for ages. Definitely there is, but there is no guarantee that you will win while playing the game.

The free blackjack has been in operation for quite long although its popularity isn’t huge. You should follow the outline of the free blackjack above in making decisions on whether to play or not.